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The Manor of Faversham Lodge History

Freemasonry has been present in Faversham for more than 250 years.

The most youthful of the town’s three “Craft” Masonic Lodges, the Manor of Faversham was consecrated on January 7th 1969 and formed as a “daughter” of the Manor of Chatham Lodge. 

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in our own inimitable style at a packed Alexander Centre in 2019.

Like both our mother Lodge and grandmother Lodge, the 300 year-old Royal Kent Lodge of Antiquity, we practice the inimitable Antiquity workings.

Although we were not consecrated until January 1969, several years beforehand many of the Founders came together to lay down the strong foundations for the Lodge. They met at several local Faversham hostelries from The Anchor in Abbey Street to The Ship in Ospringe, even holding one meeting at The Dover Castle in Teynham. However, the most popular venue was The Market Inn next to the Faversham recreation ground.

Even after the Lodge was formed, committee meetings, Lodges of Instruction and interviews were held at The Market Inn.

Along with a selection of local businessmen the Lodge had a strong contingent of Faversham’s police and publicans with George Fentiman (The Anchor, Abbey Street) and Frank Sandford (The Market Inn, East Street) both being Founders. At the time we were affectionately known in the town as the “Cops & Robbers Lodge”.

First Temple in Faversham
The Anchor