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General Guidance Notes For Applicants.

These notes are meant for general guidance only to applicants and their advocates, and the Lodge Committee retains the right to make an award, or not, at their absolute discretion.

Applicants and their advocates are asked to bear in mind that we are a small organisation with finite resources and consequently funds very carefully targeted and allocated.

Applications from organisations within the ME13 postcode will receive preference. Especially those that have been operating for a reasonable period.

Please bear in mind when applying that due to our constitution, grants can take up to six (6) months to be processed.

Generally speaking we will not support applications for:

  • Relief of debt. Where this relates to public bodies or utilities, we believe it is for those bodies to provide relief. In the case of commercial lenders, we do not feel that we should be helping such an organisation to absolve itself from its commercial decisions.
  • Funeral and memorial expenses.
  • Support for foreign travel and expeditions.